NBA Poxers and the Power to Influence

What do we think about the recent comings out of NBA superstars as Poxers?

Will they influence young people not to dunk the jab?

I see all the usual propaganda outlets are on the march, in lockstep, passing off the same lame soapbox lectures as “news”.

Pathetic. :rofl:

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I did hear a clip yesterday from a player who was asked something about why he didn’t say something to his Poxer teammate. He had a nice reply about respect.

Remember those “I wanna be like Mike” commercials?

I hope people listen.

I can’t wait for those open honest conversations Irving wants to have on whether the Earth is flat or round.



The guy who blew up the Celtics’ locker room and proved singlehandedly that the Nets don’t need three stars?

I think there’s a good chance Kyrie gets vaccinated and then tells the media they are the ones that said he wouldn’t.

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As an organization, the NBA is 95% vaxed, and the WNBA IS 99% vaxed. That’s pretty good, regardless.