NBA postpones Wednesday’s playoff games as players protest shooting of Jacob Blake

Its not a surprise why NBA ratings had being dropping, people who want to watch sports dont want politics in their sports.

Politics is ruining sports.
Players are demanding to protest and to stop the NBA games today because to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake who had a police warrant.

If the politics in NBA continue i dont see how their ratings will recover at all at this point.


The Detroit Lions cancelled practice yesterday due to the Blake shooting. The players had a chance to open up and share their experiences and the whole team came together and stood united. It was a nice moment and I think it really solidified them as a team. They are going to play for each other instead of with each other, and that can only help.

Especially when it comes to the Detroit Lions…we need all the help we can get.

how dare they talk about politics, what are they normal people.

I am sure thats going to help the NBA ratings very much. :roll_eyes:

Bring back the confederate flag!

I’m sorry, that’s the wrong sports story.

Play basketball!

I’ve been watching the playoffs, the mavs/clippers series has been especially worthwhile.


Their ratings probably have more to do with the games being on cable.


The nba has been playing???

Who knew?

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Didn’t the team or Patricia make a statement like “football is not important today” ?

To which , one must wonder - hasn’t football not been important in Detroit since around 1957 ? :wink:

They’re on the same channels they would have been in the spring - mostly cable with ESPN/TNT but some ABC games on weekends.

For starters, I applaud any American that peacefully protests. This is what our nation is all about.

That said, Luka Dončić is a superstar. I’m a huge Mavs fan. I was at the very first game Dirk ever stepped foot on the court in for the Mavs (by luck and happenstance) and have been a big Dallas fan ever since. I had never really paid much attention to pro-basketball before then, but ever since, I’ve been hooked.

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Shut up and dribble, right?

I’m not a big basketball fan and had never heard of him but I saw that whole game the other night that finished with him sinking the 3 in OT. He is fun to watch. Went and watched some of his euro-league highlights where at 19 years old just humiliating opponents.

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I think , incredibly, Luka has a hire upside than Dirk. To be doing this at his age - I’m predicting multiple MVPs in his portfolio, starting very soon.

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Let’s not undersell the Barry Sanders era. I watched Lions games just to watch that dude run. No fullback. Unreal.

More like Puppets for the Chines Communist Party.

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And he hated playing for that organization so much that he retired practically in his prime !

Untrue. It’s actually a funny story. Barry Sanders was apparently the shyest, most circumspect dude ever and there was a big but fake rumor going around they wanted him to retire, so he did to spare them the embarrassment and now that I think about I’ve just told an incompetent Lions organization story haven’t I.

What I’ve read more than once is that he was tired of the revolving coach/quarterback carousel and them making Charlie Batch the starter was the last straw.

I will tolerate no slander of Homestead Charlie. I’m a Steelers fan.

I watch a lot of UFC and a few of my favorite fighters are big Trump fans, plus Dana White spoke at the last RNC and will this one.

Seems like a weird thing to get too worked up over.