NBA Playoffs 2019

Start today. Who you got?

I’d like to see Raptors vs. Thunder for the championship. But GSW will probably make it again, but Rockets have a chance.

i predict that James Hardin will play some defense.

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Nets upset Philly and Orlando taking it to Toronto. Could be an interesting playoffs. I’m a Spurs fan, but once we’re eliminated, I’ll be going for Milwaukee.

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Yeah, I’m gonna watch every play in the Milwaukee games. They fascinate me.

Philly losing to the nets in first round would be brutal

Oh damn just saw magic beat raptors

NBA Playoff basketball is just a different game.

Durant is out for at least the rest of the Warriors / Rockets series. No excuses for the Rockets if they can’t win the last two games of the series.

Though I would argue that while Durant is the better overall player, Steph Curry is by far the most valuable player on the Warriors.

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Raptors take game 1 decisively :sunglasses:

Not an NBA fan, but I tuned in to the end of the game last night between the Warriors and Raptors. All I could say was “Wow!”. Nice finish for the Dubs. Here’s hoping they go on to win it. They’re going back home now so it’ll be good for them.

Yea, but they have to push to game 7 in Toronto, without KD. It’s going to be tough for them.

What a series. I feel bad for KD. Not a fan of his move to warriors, but he tried to come back to help and likely will be out until december+ if he tore his Achilles

Saw a list of other NBA stars who have torn their achilles and how long it was before they came back. Most took at least 250 days and some over 300 days. As such next years playoffs is probably the earliest you might expect him.

Some team will probably still sign him to a max deal this summer but with him not playing their playoff hopes may not be great so we may not see him at all next year.

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This game 6 is awesome

The Toronto Raptors are the NBA Champions! Kawhi Leonard was voted MVP!


O Canada

And now free agency. Going to be a fun summer

I feel bad for Klay Thompson.

First he got jipped out of any shot of a supermax contract. Now his torn ACL could cost him more money.

Also have to wonder where the Warriors go from here. In a perfect world they’d hoped to bring back Durant and Thompson next year but now won’t have either regardless of whether they sign. Durant almost certainly won’t play next year and Thompson at the earliest would be available for the playoffs. If they do sign both they won’t have much room to sign anyone else and most of their roster are free agents. It’ll be Steph Curry and a cast of D listers.

Tough situation all around. Signing 2 max players who might not even play next year?

Also be interesting to see where Kawhi goes. Rumor has him wanting to go to Los Angeles. Obviously Toronto will do everything they can to keep him.

Wonder if the Warriors might make a play for Leonard? It hasn’t been discussed much because KD and Klay were obviously their priorities but now with both being injured things might change. Its California which is what Leonard wants. Let Durant go since he’ll cost so much and resign Thompson. Come playoff time they could roll Steph out at PG, Klay at SG, and Kawhi at SF.