NBA blocks freehongkong on jerseys

not a good move on their part.
the NBA lets you put custom names on the back of a jersey

freeus allowed. freeusa. freecanada

but freehongkong is blocked.

(i verified this myself after hearing about it)

a stupid move

Why is this a stupid move?

pissing of your american fans. basically putting china first

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Freeing Hongkong is not an approved woke topic. Only the masters in the NBA front office are wise enough to know what messages a grown assed man should be allowed to express.

It’s the only move.

Hong Kong is over.

It was a heroic struggle and we should have supported them to the hilt.


How about “free just ■■■■■■■ play basketball”?

you can put anything you want on your jersey. except free hong kong

Pretty sure there are a lot of things you can’t put on on the back of a jersey.

The NBA is a business and doesn’t want to endanger its Chinese market.

Gets a big “meh” from me.

I doubt it. How about, “I support police?” I don’t think that would fly.

How did you verify this ? link ?

I was just able to , so maybe they changed it ?

this is from

That one is too many characters but I can do “supportcops”

they may have changed it after the outcry

There is a country where the nba makes a lot of money. More money than it does in the US. Anyone want to take a guess

Wow…I agree.

You should thank laura ingraham.


And also a lesson in how important the financial side of civil activism is. Boycotts have to be leveraged for effective change.

For what ?

She had a segment last night showing her producers exchanging messages with some nba rep about this, and how the conversation progressed until they changed it.

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