Navy wants to deep six 10 Littoral Combat Ships (I have a much better idea)

Navy wants to retire 10 Littoral Combat Ships.

I have a MUCH better idea.

Take every ■■■■■■■ LCS hull. Decommission all of them. Tie them together stem to stern, including the unfinished hulks. Tow them out over the Marianna Trench.


Make sure they sink so deep no future explorers will ever be able to uncover the fact these pieces of crap ever existed.

Just my humble opinion.


Oh for crying out loud. They’ve been is service for 5 minutes, and they are already junking them?! That is very frustrating.

Hard to junk something that already is a piece of junk.


We are not going to send them to Ukraine?

They could be preserved for thousands of years at the bottom of the Black Sea.

aside from providing cover for an amphibious landing, how might they be used practically? (I had no idea what a Littoral Combat Ship was before reading this article)

They could be used in very minor roles such as minesweeping. But they are too lightly armed and too lightly protected to serve in combat as a Corvette-class warship.

The problem is that the Navy tried to do too much with one ship and as the phrase goes “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

Those ships weren’t even built, and people were saying they were going to be junk. And here we are. Very frustrating.

I was ragging on them LONG before the first ship entered commission.



Truth. As long as you have been here, you have been talking about them.

They are truly the Yugos of the Navy ship building program.

My daughter is assigned to LCS-25, still waiting for delivery. She has gone out on earlier versions and said “they are a ■■■■■■■■■■■

Oh to have NASCARGirl2448 around again. :rofl:

I literally saw 10 USCG Cutters moored in the Curtis Bay shipyard that some whiz bang engineer thought it a good idea to refit a 110’ WPB to a 123’ extending the bow and refitting the stern with a drive on davit for an inflatable.
They did little modifications to the shaft extensions and when they put the 2,000 HP to the twin screws the bull would twist!
One sank in the Florida straits!
Your taxpayers money at work.
The ones we would routinely pump put because they were stripping all systems dockside eventually were parted out and scrapped.

Saw this article and knew it would make Safiel happy. :grinning:

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Littorally trash.


Heh. Me too. I was first alerted to this mess Long ago by Safiel

This comes despite some of the vessels being almost brand new. Politico noted that the Navy and Department of Defense declined to confirm or deny the FY 2023 budget request. According to an article by The Drive, the oldest example that’s still on duty is just seven years old.

The article by The Drive adds that the Navy in 2021 said that it would take years to put in place critical fixes to propulsion systems in all Freedom class vessels that it had acquired.

What the ■■■■ …how incompetent can some be who made the design, approved it, tested it and purchased it? Is anyone in jail for this multibillion dollar mistake? Do they still have a job?

Our government’s answer…oooooooooops…let’s scrap them and do it again.

@Safiel I thought you would find this amusing.

I do find it amusing. :rofl:

The Zumwalts have been 3 ships searching for a mission ever since the Navy cancelled the railguns with which they were to be originally equipped.

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BTW, while on this subject.

I would redesignate from Guided Missile Destroyers to Battlecruisers.

DDG-1000 would become CC-1000
DDG-1001 would become CC-1001
DDG-1002 would become CC-1002

Whatever you think of the Zumwalt’s, they are NOT destroyers in any sane definition of that term.