Navy considers Mobile as site to dismantle retired aircraft carrier Enterprise

This rather interesting as I generally don’t associate Mobile, Alabama with ship breaking.

From the Navy’s press release

The U.S. Navy is reopening the public scoping period to all interested parties for the Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement (EIS/OEIS) being prepared for the disposal of the decommissioned, defueled ex-Enterprise (CVN 65) aircraft carrier and its associated naval reactor plants.

The Navy has added Mobile, Alabama as a potential location for commercial dismantlement based on public scoping comments received during the initial scoping phase in 2019. The public scoping period is open from Aug. 12 to Sept. 11, 2020.

Public Comments The Navy is seeking public input and involvement, which are fundamental aspects of the EIS/OEIS development process under the National Environmental Policy Act. The Navy welcomes public comments on potential viable alternatives and environmental issues for analysis during the scoping period. Comments may be submitted via mail or online. It is not necessary to resubmit scoping comments already made if the comments have not changed. Comments must be postmarked or received online by Sept. 11, 2020, for consideration in the Draft EIS/OEIS.

and further:

Proposed Action The proposed action is to dispose of the decommissioned, defueled ex-Enterprise (CVN 65) aircraft carrier and its associated naval reactor plants. The proposed action would entail dismantling and recycling the remnant hull sections of ex-Enterprise at a designated facility in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, and the removal and packaging of ex-Enterprise reactor plants for transportation and disposal as low-level radioactive waste to authorized disposal site(s).

The purpose of the proposed action is to reduce the Navy’s inactive ship inventory, eliminate costs associated with maintaining the ship in a safe stowage condition, and dispose of legacy radiological and hazardous wastes in an environmentally responsible manner, while meeting the operational needs of the Navy.

As there are no operational ship breaking yards in Mobile, I assume the Navy wants to dry dock the Enterprise and have one of the ship building companies engage in breaking the Enterprise.

While Mobile would be more secure of a location than Brownsville, it will definitely tie things up in Mobile for an extended period, as it will take 12 months at minimum to fully break a ship as large as the Enterprise.