Navarro uses an unofficial email

cons always accuse others of what they do themselves.

should have done bleach bit


Lock him up!

What is turning up with what the Trump administration did makes what Hillary did pretty amateurish.
All of these strange email accounts. Folks using What’sApp. And now almost every day we are finding out that that more official government communications are missing. Yeah, must all be a simple mistake.

We all know the Trump administration was the least professional ever, following zero political norms, etiquette and standards. This is a perfect illustration of horrible top down leadership.

However with that said I am so â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  bored with these countless reports (not the threads themselves or fellow forumites discussing it) that so and so from the Trump administration is being indicted or investigated because it goes nowhere. I dont like Trump but my god how many more times are we going to hear that he is being taken to court or that NY state is doing this or that. As i said It all goes nowhere.

Trump and the people he surrounds himself with are all in my opinion horrible people but i have to admit the guy is pure teflon and its sort of impressive.

More fishing for dirt that doesn’t exist.

Navarro would not withold official records.

DOJ should pass on it. Bad politics.

Oh I am sure he would but then again I doubt he is the only one who has done this.

I bet ever since the first administration those in power have ignored what they were supposed to do.

This flouting of the rules is something both sides do.

Ha yes this morning I am feeling particularly salty about politicians.

The only way it will stop is if Trump does not run for President again. It will all magically disappear


Dont get me wrong, I want pols held to account, maybe its because Trumps admin did more wrong or maybe its because its just Trump and what was previously “overlooked” isnt.

I do want future admins including this one to be held to the same standards.

But then again i dont really care if Trump is victimized. He is a horrible person who thinks nothing of bullying and belittling people so him getting the same treatment doesnt bother me.

We all have our biases.

he may be a horrible person, but he was a much better president than what we have now, thanks for that


The Hillary precedent has been set.


We will agree to disagree on that. :grinning:

Sure, if you enjoy a skyrocketing deficit and debt (even before covid), destruction of a treaty designed to reign in China, a trade war that served no purpose and officials who personally enrich themselves with the power of their office.

if trump and co did even just a fraction of the crap hillary and co did there would be nonstop midnight fbi raids at people’s houses (with cnn there somehow each time)

you’re forgetting (ignoring) there is a huge double standard in the applying the law here


Bet he had nooooo problem at all with Hillary. :roll_eyes:

Brazen hypocrisy.


Policy wise he was a fine President. Biden is a screwup in everything.


I don’t think that is going to happen.

At this point, what (D)ifference (D)oes it make?



actually. I’ll agree that you’re wrong. The current occupant is a disaster for the nation and a complete moron


That’s some funny stuff there.

TPP would have been yet another disaster negotiated by democrats that know absolutely nothing about trade. The only thing it would have done is open back doors to chinese trade that had been shut. It would have never gotten through the Senate.

There was no trade war. There was tough bargaining that bought China to the table and got concessions from them. Killed by their actions on COVID

Considering how the Biden crime family made EVERY SINGLE CENT of any money they ever made… funny.