National Small Business Re-Open Day May 25th

I think this is a great idea:

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Some are pushing a reopen of everything, and came up with a plan.

Monday, May 25th is National Small business day!

ALL small businesses RE-OPEN! ALL restaurants, gyms, & shops of every kind! If everyone does it, no governor can stop us from regaining our freedoms. What, are they going to arrest half the country?

The fastest way to put an end to this national bankruptcy & prevent a great depression is to ignore the tin pot mini tyrants & OPEN, everyone come out of their homes & shop, eat out, take in a movie, fish, go to the beach, & especially, GO BACK TO WORK!

Put signs on your vehicles, form cruise lines & honk as you & a few hundred or so cruise around & let it be known you want your freedom back.

Do your part!

So, if you need to stay inside, you should.



I’ve already restarted. :wink:


Actually, it’s Memorial Day.


According to the SBA, National Small Business has been postponed.

How dare they. What an affront to our freedoms and liberties. Now I know how it feels to live in North Korea or any other country that has tyrannical rule.

Let me shake my fist angrily and make lots of social media posts…

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The only businesses closed where I live are those that have willingly chosen to do so.

I live in Florida.

We’ve been opened for quite some time now. Thank God that crack head Gillum didn’t win the election for Governor.

However, I agree with people taking control of their lives back.

If done in enough numbers, there really isn’t anything the Governors can do.


Most things in Tn are open these days too.

If that upsets some…oh well. Get used to it because the country is going to open up whether they like it or not.


Also the same argument used to Naruto run into Area 51.

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That’s my youngest son’s first birthday. :slight_smile:


:clap: :clap: :clap: :+1: Congrats.

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Private business opening in May?!?

no May day for you…

They’re not even good at it. :rofl:

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This is getting ridiculous. To say this is an over reaction would be a monumental understatement. People are acting like this is an airborne plague straight from a Dan Brown novel. NJ is now recommending people wear masks in parks, forests, beaches, and other outdoor areas. Just today I saw construction workers that were nowhere near eachother all wearing masks outside while working. That will be the day I wear a mask in the forest. I’m still not that stupid.

May I suggest if people are so afraid of the open air that they stay home? Stay home and get into the closet and put on the mask. Don’t even come out to go to the bathroom. Take what you need to eat and a bucket and stay in there. Let the rest of the country go back to normal.



And that is exactly what is going to happen for a lot of folks. I have health conditions that puts me in the category that I would be at high risk of dying if I were to catch the virus. So I will be keeping my ass planted at home for awhile. But the people I worry about are the ones that also might be a risk that encounter folks that are not taking this seriously. These are the folks that thinks that this isn’t that serious or that it is over. These are the folks that are likely to not take precautions and get the virus and then spread it to innocent folks. I fear that we are going to have to go through much more pain before certain people wake the hell up.


Not a bad idea. When you lose “The Consent of The Governed” in this country rapid change follows and this kind of civil disobedience is as “American as Apple Pie”.


I’m on full throttle right now, absolutely wide open and experiencing the greatest month in my almost 4 decade history. Not only is it on pace to be the greatest…but by a wide margin too. I don’t understand it either? Is it because so many businesses are closed? Is it the stimulus money? I mean, we’re in the middle of a pandemic and business is going wild. This is insane.


Same here, Smyrna. Not sure if it will be the best month in decades though :wink:

I told people to hang onto their hat when things opened up as there is pent up demand.


:clap: :+1:

If you are high risk for Covid, you are most likely high risk for flu, do you self quarantine for flu? I know both of my parents who are very high risk probably wouldn’t survive the flu either.

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