National Enquirer boss reportedly told feds Trump knew about Michael Cohen’s

According to this CNBC story, Pecker has received immunity for ratting on Cohen. As George Takei might say, “Oh my!” Pecker was as deeply in this as Cohen was, maybe more. It’s astonishing that he turned against him. But then again, maybe not.

It’s not astonishing at all to me. The ship is sinking and the rats are desperate to get off, willing to toss anyone else under the bus to save themselves.

What a tawdry mess.


By the way, I mentioned it in another thread about the quick outing of a Manafort juror, which you said wouldn’t happen. And on Fox, no less. News stories don’t get suppressed – unless you’re David Pecker, I guess.

Do you not know the difference between coming forward by your own choice, as opposed to a media outing you against your will?

So, still no Russians…LMAO!

As the echos of a gunshot fade from 5th avenue, the astonished crowd stands in silence until a single voice,

absolves the President of all guilt.


Perp walk getting closer.

Republicans need to make flipping illegal ASAP…

A porn actress and a playboy model bringing down this corrupt cabal, who would’ve thunk it?

Becoming a rat should be illegal!

He and Trump have been friends since the 1990s, and he has reportedly used his media holdings to shield the president since he was a New York real estate developer and reality television star. Pecker’s publications have defended Trump since he became president, and the media mogul even visited the White House last year, according to The New York Times.

Guilt for what? Paying off his women? Not against the law. Better than bimbo eruptions where you attack the accuser.

Poor deluded lefty… How much did the FEC fine Obama? YOU won’t know and never heard they did…lol!

“Friends”. These people don’t have friends. Just other people they having mutually satisfying business relationships with.

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If only Hillary had had this stuff before the election …

They had the tape. That didn’t work either.

Two words: John Edwards

What about him?

I actually find it quite appropriate, considering those of us who refused to support Trump based on his immoral behavior were told by some 'we are electing a President, not a pastor". For me it was his demeanor as well as openly bragging about adultery and having no remorse that were the deal breakers.

Sure, let the country go to heck with Hillary because of sex… Too silly.

Of course I’m aware his admin was fined. Keep talking about it all you can, but it won’t stop the perp walk coming Trump’s way. Trump is a suitcase full of stupid.