National Archives Slaps ‘Harmful Content’ Warning On Constitution, All Other Founding Documents

And is governing as a fringe leftist kook.


and those faction would do better if they simply started their own parties but the system is designed to crush small parties and force obedience to national parties.

True that.

Also really true.

no the governing is a centralist corporate tit suckers that only throw the fringe a bone to make sure they show up to vote.

name one fringe leftist policy passed by DNC in the last 20 years.
even Obamacare all it did was give insurance companies a massive payday.

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I love it when a prog talks about identity politics.

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Identity politics is all American care about on both-sides.
did you know your Trump tax cut expire this year, but those for the 1% never expire.

bet the GOP is keeping that hush hush,

There is no such thing as the “Liberal party”.

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Are you talking about the pile of pork known as the American Rescue plan? One of Biden’s multiple trillion dollar investments of other peoples money that we can’t afford and has just fueled Biden’s massive inflation…the one that had some police funding built in but R’s voted against because on balance it was a bad bill…that thing.

(See I know what your going to say…Republicans in Congress voted to defund the police because they voted against and overwhelmingly bad and unaffordable bill…that statement would be a lie but that’s kind of what I expect.)

The American people overwhelmingly oppose the stupid leftist idea of defending the police…

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I don’t fee like typing democrat.

You feel like being consistently wrong.

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Oh I know.

And since Reagan any call to raise taxes back on the wealthiest has been met with calls of “Socialism!!!”

It has worked quite well.

I also love it when a Clinton prog talks about oligarchy.

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No. I am talking about when there was a motion called on the Senate Floor by the GOP concerning defunding the police.

How did that go?

I feel like I’m living in an episode of Twilight Zone or Black Mirror.

Just to keep things in perspective, imagine finding yourself on a slave ship. Or at Antietam. Or on sugar loaf hill. Then check back in on how alternate the reality of a content warning for the historical archives really is.

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Slavery, trail of tears, riots . Lots of stuff in the millions of records that people find upsetting.

Regardless, the U.S Constitution is one of the best documents of its time. I think it should be able to be viewed in all its glory, with no TW.

I do wonder what kind of “harmful” language it could be referring to.

It can be.

The Federalist is lying to you.

Nah, the TW suppresses the awe one feels when they view such a document.