National Archives Slaps ‘Harmful Content’ Warning On Constitution, All Other Founding Documents

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Back in July I talked to Colin Woodard about this theory. Now keep in mind I like his stuff and I find his ideas interesting. Read two of his books this year. Finishing one of them up now.

In our brief discussion I expressed that I think that while his Nations theory is an interesting thumbnail I see it as flawed. Given as how media has fractured the country and that I see the divide being more along the lines of rural v urban with the suburbs and exurbs as the cultural battlegrounds.

He talked about how he had looked at voting data that saw how some areas went for Obama and the then for Trump as showing that his theory was correct. I didn’t think of it at the time but voters are a self selecting group and maybe not the best place to look at broad cultural trends.

Anyway… he is a nice guy and if I had the opportunity to have a couple of beers with him and shoot the ■■■■■ it would be a great night.

America really doesn’t have multi cultures it just had different shades of America.
visit Quebec then visit Ontario, its like going to two separate countries.

more then you think.

I agree. Compared to Europe… the divisions are not nearly as stark.

I think that most of the divisions are spread by identity politics and that is why I see Confederate flags flying in Maine.

Those divisions are stoked to return to a late 1800’s… pre Progressive era America and it has been funded and backed by those who would benefit most from it.

It is why when even a modest increase of taxes on the wealthiest people to ever live is proposed there are cries of Marxism.

Yes. Used to.

Its really not.

going to the northwest and going to the south are not that different.
America doesn’t have 11 distance cultures.

American in the South don’t speak another language, practice another religion, have their own cultural celebrations, etc

I cross the river into Quebec I’m in another world, nothing is similar everything is French-Canadian, there is no trace of Anglo culture they don’t even use the same swear words, they don’t follow the same sect of Christianity, they don’t view themselves as part of anglo-Canada.

when I visit Washington state I see the same American flags, American culture, etc I do in Florida.

no one is going to start a war because of Identity politics.
there was once more then one culture is America because of how it was settled and founded but that is gone gentrified by the melting pot of Americanism. apple pie, blue jeans and rock and roll.

because in the 1800’s people never left their state, that was their whole world.
now people move in and out by the millions.

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I agree. The American ability to homogenize culture has made a lot of our differences very small.

That is why a certain political class has to exploit and divide what cracks there are for political gain.

There is no real political end game other than to push the divisions far enough to serve an oligarchy

You want to talk about culture.

the biggest political party in the last 50 years in Quebec exist solely to push the agenda of Quebec Nationalism, they don’t even run candidates outside of Quebec. they exist solely to champion Quebec in Federal politics that is their sole agenda Quebec and only Quebec they don’t care about anyone else.

where is the Texas Party, why do they vote Republican.

Just one side though.

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What do you and I have in common?

If Texas was all about Taxes they wouldn’t vote Republican or Democrat.
they would vote for a political party that exist solely to champion Texas.

Your Gov wouldn’t shell out to support Trump, or anyone else who wasn’t Texan.

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And kook fringe leftists chanting about how one skin color matters and nut jobs in Congress screeching about defunding the police and leftists calling everyone they disagree with racists have nothing to do with that division???


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True that.

The slight majority of the GOP in Texas has no interest in leaving the Union.

They are simply playing identity politics to stay in power to serve the oligarchy

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You do know a vote about that was brought up in the Senate.

How did it go?

Fringe leftist don’t control the Liberal party, which is why the nomination was Biden an old white guy who is questionably racist.

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and anyone in the GOP who doesn’t follow the National party line is removed, same with DNC.

The DNC has three factions with the centrist corporate one being dominate.

The GOP has one faction and anything that doesn’t comport with the purity test is quickly expelled.

American politics has devolved to the point were policy doesn’t matter the only thing that matter is the letter next to the name and that the other party want to kill your babies.

which is amazing for GOP/DNC because they can do whatever they want and morons will still vote for them.

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