NASTY IN NY: De Blasio Slams ‘Sad’ Shutdown, Says NYC Will ‘Continue to Function’ | Sean Hannity

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio weighed-in Monday on the federal government’s partial shutdown over border security; calling the development a “sad moment for America” but reassuring Big Apple residents their “city government” will “continue to function.”

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The Dims want to continue spending billions of dollars in Syria but won’t spend one dollar on the SECURITY of the U.S.? This is how they serve the U.S.?

This about their complete hatred of Trump.

Remember this is what America wants by voting for these idiots. I laugh every time I hear someone say that the American people are smart or are not idiots. Then I see their elected official do something really stupid. And he or she keeps getting elected in spite of the ridiculous things they do. So I don’t believe the American people are very smart or maybe it’s just that they are complacent and allow these frauds to be in power. Either way it’s not good.