NASTY IN NEW YORK: Gov. Cuomo Says America ‘WAS NEVER THAT GREAT,’ Stuns Audience | Sean Hannity

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo found himself in hot water Wednesday; coming under-fire from critics after he viciously claimed the United States of America “was never that great” and severely discriminates against women and minorities.

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What a stupid attempt to get women on his side. If America isn’t that great then why is everyone flocking here in great numbers? If there is stereotyping against women look at Holywood and politicians that are getting called out. America is not perfect and never will be. But it is great in that there are a lot more opportunities and a lot more freedoms than anywhere in the world. If it’s not great enough for you then you’re welcome to leave and go somewhere that you think is so great.

HE needs to be clocked with 5lb “Kielbasa”…