NASA Launching Astronauts Next Month

So non political and non virus related, and pretty ■■■■■■■ awesome.

Been watching these developments for ten years. Very exciting. Next step SLS. Which has been problematic. But getting there. But exciting times.

I say about damn time…


Fifty years ago yesterday Apollo 13 safely returned home.
That was one hell of an example of American exceptionalism.
Failure was not an option.

Integrating NASA with private industry was genius.

Actually, private industry taking the lead and taking over was genius.

Get the government the **** out of the way.

Getting people and things into Low Earth Orbit has been figured out. NASA can used their resources for the harder to do things.

Moving that part of getting stuff into Space was a good thing that the Obama administration did. The Constellation Program was a boondoggle.

Hi Safiel. It can’t be totally private. Issues arise. Certain basic things can’t be completely based on the whim of a private company when national needs are involved.

The government retains priority access to launch services for military missions and civilian government missions if need be. That is not an issue.

I think it should go a step foreward and become an international objective. Cooperation would be in everybody’s best interests

As it should be. But as an example, would you want the SLS program to be run by Spacex? Spacex always gives me a twinge of uncertainty. I’m more comfortable with the ULA partnership but that has way more history with Lockheed and Boeing.

You mean after govt did the hard work.

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Exactly. Partnership.