NASA: Earth ‘Greener’ Today than 20 Years Ago, Cites ‘Ambitious Planting Programs’ for Growth

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A new study released by NASA this week revealed the earth is “greener” today than it was 20 years ago; citing “ambitious tree planting programs” for the surprising ecological development.

“The research published on Feb. 11 found that the greening of earth over the course of the last two decades has shown an overall increase by 5 percent, equal to more than two million square miles of extra green leaf area per year compared to the early 2000s,” reports Fox News.

“The data, which compared satellite images from the mid-1990s taken by Boston University and those collected from two NASA satellites orbiting the earth for 20 years, showed that both China and India are leading the way in the greening of the globe,” adds the study.

“Now that we know direct human influence is a key driver of the greening Earth, we need to factor this into our climate models,” added the researcher behind the study. “This will help scientists make better predictions about the behavior of different Earth systems, which will help countries make better decisions about how and when to take action.”

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