Nas X gets last laugh against racism in country music

Country-trap artist NAS-X hit song Old Town Road just became the longest running number 1 song in American history after being kicked off the “Billboard Country top 100” for “not embracing enough elements of today’s country music”


Nice! This is one of my favorite songs right now.

Great Job!

One of these days I’m going to have to Google and listen to that song. I still haven’t heard it.

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Just heard it for the first time myself. It’s pretty good. It’s like a mix between country music and mumble rap, but with lyrics that can be understood, and a mellow beat without too much twang. Nice use of electronic effects too. If this becomes a little more common, I might be able to stand to hear country music again.

Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Lyrics) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus


That’s pretty much exactly how I feel about the song too. I like the mix

I’ve never been real picky about genres, but I’ve always seemed to like cross-genre tracks/albums. To hell with the old style music industry anyway. People can get famous with a basic laptop and YouTube now, and IMO it’s creating better music too.

Hmm. From all I’ve heard about it, I thought it would be catchier.

My hearing is a little more 3D at the moment, so it could just be me also. lol

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You saved me some typing.

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Good mix, and good for him.

The country scene not embracing him (and instead rejecting him) is a stupid move.

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And I applaud Billy Ray for giving them the proverbial finger

Listen to it a few more times and you can’t get it out of your head. My 6 and 3 year old singing it constantly doesn’t help.


I must have heard it several dozen times. My 8 year old is constantly playing it…or acting it out.

Country music ceased to exist about 1970. Since then it’s been garbage. This song fits right in.

Regarding the Original Post title, which counts & western performers have expressed racist sentiments? And are black Americans performing country & western music—or mixing genres—really that new?

Regarding the original post title. Old Town Road was the number #1 country song on Billboard until white country fans complained that it didn’t represent them and it was taken off

The only thing country about that song is the singer and the horse.

Best part about this? Billy Ray being invited to the barbecue while his daughter looks on with naked jealousy.

Its a good summer jam.