Napolotano expects Jr to be indicted


Seeing that ignorant little punk indicted would be a lovely Christmas president to the country.


I would even say “Merry Christmas”. And I’m a lib. :slight_smile:


Exactly, anyone can see this is treason and a political coup.


do…do you know when his birthday is by any chance? :smiley::smiley:


It’s like Cap is talking to himself. That’s adorable.


Same here.


Isnt this what the never Trumpers and left have been doing, calling people who support Trump the enemy and other names
The never Trumpers and the left can’t have it both ways and stay on their high moral pedestal.
Everyone has a reason for supporting who ever they support. You don’t have to like it and they don’t have to try to please you.


I have no issue calling it treason…if it’s true he worked with the Russians to steal an election?