Napolotano expects Jr to be indicted

Liberals are the enemy.


You guys are adorable.

What’s your solution?

Reason for the season.

Did you think that up all by yourself?

another newbie who thinks he has all the answers.


Conan got a new account?

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At least it’s not another drive-by-poster.


Oh…wait, are you serious?

how is this treason?

Atta kid. Call half of your fellow Americans the enemy, because they have a different political philosophy from you. Hmmm…who else has done such things in history? :thinking:

More than Half if the last presidential ellection was any indication

Very good point. Undoubtedly more than half, if the polling is to be believed as well.

Today’s “Conservative”:

• Constantly defends foreign murderous regimes

• Calls Americans the enemy

• Calls Americans killers

• Calls themselves patriots

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Calls for peaceful kneeling protestors to be striped of citizenship and kicked out


Victim in Chief.

“I’d be SO popular if it weren’t for you meddlin’ libs!”

meanwhile calling protesters who brandish tiki torches and shout Nazi slogans “good people”

If that level of coup happened, Trump would have to arrest Mueller.

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I don’t think he is going to get invited to the Christmas party this year

When you are scared and misinformed everyone is your enemy.

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