NANCY'S NIGHTMARE: Gallup Poll Shows ONLY 39% of Democrats Want Pelosi as Speaker

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A stunning survey from Gallup is raising serious new questions over the political future of potential Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; showing a whopping 56% of Democrats don’t want her to lead the party going forward.

Even worse, just 39% of those surveyed think Pelosi should regain her former position as Speaker once Democrats retake control of the House in January.

“The question was posed to Democrats in Gallup’s Oct. 15-28 poll, conducted before the party won back control of the House in the midterm elections,” writes Fox News. “Dozens of Democratic candidates, including many who won their elections last week, have pledged not to support Pelosi for Speaker when the party decides on its leader for the next Congress later this month.”

“I do believe she’s got a lot of reason to expect that even some of the people who have said less than positive things about her coming back into the role will ultimately vote to support her,” said one party insider.

Read the full survey here.