NANCYCARE: Pelosi Eyes ‘MEDICARE FOR ALL’ Should Dems Retake Congress

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is pulling back the curtains on potential Democratic policies should her party retake the House in November, saying universal healthcare is definitely “on the table.”

Pelosi was speaking with reporters Thursday when she weighed-in on a potential “Medicare for all” system in the United States, saying she’s “always been for a public option” that enables all Americans to receive government-financed healthcare.

“I’ve always been for a public option so I’m always eager to talk about that," said Pelosi.

“Some of the other issues that have been proposed have to be evaluated in terms of the access that they give, the affordability of it and how we would pay for it, but again it’s all on the table,” she added.

A potential “Medicare for All” program has been touted by Democrats for years, including 2020 frontrunner Bernie Sanders who called for the program during his 2016 run against Hillary Clinton.

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