Nancy wants to work with Trump

On lower drug prices and the USMCA!

It’s nice that she has recognized the dems have no solutions and now want to work with someone who does. We all know she’s never going to let the house vote on impeachment.

Remember how bad Nadler looked when he was questioning people. That’s why we’'ll never see an impeachment hearing.

"“He says that he wants to lower the cost of prescription drugs; the American people want us to do that,” Pelosi said, offering another example of possible collaboration. “So if the president’s saying, ‘If you question my actions, I can’t agree on any subject,’ then the ball is in his court on that.”

It’s in his court because she has no ideas. Put up a bill Nancy. We all agree Obama care failed.

I doubt that will happen.


Would be reasonable for Trump to ask for a new vote on the Speakership.

Not demand, just ask.


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She recognized the dems have given voters no positive reason to vote for them… So, she’s trying to fake it again…

I think she just blinked.

She could end the impeachment inquiry and business could move forward if she sticks as speaker.


She has made quite a mess with NO evidence to back up any assertions they have flooded the media with for the last week.


I think shes desperate. She wants to fool the American people that democrats are being productive.

Fake cooperation.

She’s got bigger problems than that.

Apparently the new york times is reporting that the “whistleblower” spoke with a member of schiff’s staff before they ever filed the complaint.


So people here think the house hasn’t passed anything?

LMAO! I said it was fake news from the beginning. And all the usuals fell for it like autumn leaves… All ginned up for on their Trump hate high for days, and so, irrational they can’t learn.

It’s like an addiction they can’t break. Pavlov’s people… The media rings a bell and they drool Trump hate and lies on command…

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I’m sure they passed something… In a pile, like it deserves…

Nancy wants to work with Trump
Or his replacement…

Enthusiastic stupidity.

Here you go.

Ok and…


She really knows how to yank Trump’s chain.

Uh OH. I have not heard that one yet.

That is a much bigger problem.


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It’s fake news that Nancy will impeach… Seems most dems never learn.

And nothing I guess.

adam schiff got the story before a complaint was filed. That’s all.


So he was not even a real whistle blower. The left was fake news’ed again.

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