NANCY STEPS IN: Pelosi CONDEMNS Omar’s Anti-Semitic Rant, Demands ‘Immediate Apology’ | Sean Hannity

Rep. Ilhan Omar found herself in hot-water with Democratic leadership Monday after posting a bizarre anti-Israeli rant on social media, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasting Omar’s use of “anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations.”

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Omar’s just another muslim SWINE, trolling for a Goat or biological Brother.
That being said, even the sewer rats want to vomit.

I want Talib and Omar OUT of CONGRESS, NOW!
That would be a good start to rectafying a sickening mistake.

Hey Nancy…I hope you do not believe her when she said all of that. They don’t have to be truthful when talking to non-believers, their leader told them no.

Can you imagine what Pelosi sees that comment could do to the Jewish donations? Sure she is apologizing, with all fingers crossed. Can you see what is in her heart? Read the Quran.

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The Democratic Party does NOT support Israel…except when they make speeches to get Jewish money and votes. Was it the Democrats who moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem? Hell NO! They whined and moaned about it while President Trump did it! What have the Democrats said about the genocide of Christians in other countries? Silence. The Democrats have been supporting the Palestinians who are led by thugs and terrorists under the control of Iran and Fatah which steal the money meant to help their people and pocket it or use it for arms to attack Israel instead of to improve the economy of their people. Pelosi, like most leftists is an inveterate liar who sucks up to any splinter group if it will achieve the left’s goal of dividing the country and ending individual freedom to support a collectivist, totalitarian government.

Pelosi stepped in because she is worried about loosing the support of the Jews in the country who vote overwhelmingly for Democrats !

I said on yesterday’s post- where was all this outrage when this woman was running for office?-she said some controversial things then- why did they not decide to give her the boot?- because they agreed with her, and they still do- but the heat is on, and to save face, they pretend to condemn her- so phony- here’s the convo- look, just go out there and give an apology, you don’t have to mean it, but we have to get the heat off of us- we can’t blame he GOP for this blunder, so you gotta take the hit- nudge nudge wink wink- just go say your’e sorry, and get the public off our backs ok

Idiots can only get elected by idiots.

she is told to lie by the Quran…it says to lie and deceive.