Nancy’s “Secret” Meetings

Sure there is. They need to be security edited before release. And Schiff already said that they were being held so that there was no chance that folks who have not testified will see what testimony has been given. It was reported today that Trey Gowdy did the exact same thing when he ran the Benghazi hearings.

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It has always been that way.

Why are committee dealing with classified information closed door…

do I really need to explain this?


You want them to leak classified information?

How are they any more secret than any other committee meetings that have happened? And yes, the Republican members of the committees are attending.

Maybe he can be a victim next time he gets a DUI stop in Florida.

How are the transcripts any more secret than any other transcripts while witnesses are still being called?

I expect they do. Remember who outed Valerie Plame…remember who wants the Whistleblower outed despite federal law.

7 Benghazi investigations say hi


Because it is an inquiry and investigation. Similar to a criminal investigation (although this is a political one not a criminal one) questioning to develop evidence is done in private so various witnesses do not know what other witnesses have said in their depositions.

It allows investigators to develop additional lines of inquiry and allows the identifcation of witnesses that have committed perjury.

Open hearings will happen once evidence is turned over to the Judiciary Committee who will then hold open hearings and during the Senate trial.

Glad I could help.


I totally agree the Benghazi fiasco did nothing good for the GOP.

It sure set an ugly precedent that they were warned of. Just like electing Trump…

She’s an oxygen thief.

I thought the issue was that Gaetz is not a member of the committee holding that hearing. Not that he’s a Republican. I could be wrong.

That’s true. He is not a member of these committees. You’re right. I was just commenting that it’s asinine to claim the Democrats are holding some secret impeachment, when a quarter of the entire House GOP is participating.

Amazing how often this has to be explained. And I doubt this will be the last time it’s necessary either.

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Why is the Trump administration fighting to keep the grand jury testimony during the Mueller probe from congress, let alone the public?

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Why are they acting so guilty?

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At the being of each hearing Adam Schiff states this is not a classified hearing. So how are they going to leak classified information? And it seems the only leaking of information is coming from the left.

Are republicans not involved in the meetings?