Nancy’s “Secret” Meetings

Three committees (Oversight, Intelligence, and Judicial) are meeting in the basement of the capital.

Of course, there are republicans on all of these committees.
Are the republicans attending these meetings?

Or have the chairmen excluded them?

Do you have a link? And do you have something showing Pelosi is there? I thought she was at her brothers funeral today.

I didn’t say she was there. I’ve heard many places that she instructed these three committees to look into the impeachment.

What crimes has she committed?

You got her now!

I know you did not say it, but the title of the thread did imply as much. I was just curious as there was no link. So where did you hear about this alleged secret meeting of these impeachment committees?


My question is, why is Matt Gaetz a republican hero for charging into a meeting if there are already republican I there?


Because he wants to be the victim. It’s a conservative badge of honor you know

“Secret” was on quotes because it was a very poorly kept secret. Not much of a secret if even Gaetz can find it.


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There are 46 Republicans in these hearings. That is almost a quarter of the entire GOP House caucus. Gaetz is no hero.

Ah…I’m an idiot. I’m picking up what you are putting down now. :slight_smile:

He isn’t a hero.

At least 12 members of Operation Obstruction this morning were already members of the relevant committees, according to various sources.

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So why are the transcripts a secret then?

You cannot impugn the only elected national office in a secret chamber.

This will never come to be.

You can through the media. That is all that we are seeing.


Because they are still interviewing witnesses

Last time I checked, elected Republicans are included in these proceedings. Not so secret.


When did crimes have to be committed before being judged guilty by the opposition party and media?

There is no reason to keep them secret.


They have not been able to report on the testimony.

Security and classified.


Are you referring to the transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine prez?

I think that he wanted to sneak his cell phone into the room. It’s the House equivalent to running with scissors.