NANCY’S NIGHTMARE: Polls Show ‘IMMIGRATION’ Top Issue Heading into Midterms

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A stunning new poll shows the hot-button immigration crisis along the US-Mexico border is taking the top-spot of issues most important to Americans heading into the 2018 midterms; signaling a possible disaster for Democrats and liberal candidates.

According to a new survey conducted by Reuters, immigration has overtaken the economy and healthcare as the “most important issue determining Americans’ vote ahead of the midterm elections in November.”

The poll shows that 15% of likely voters said immigration was their main concern, with 14% saying the economy. 26% of registered Republicans said immigration was their top priority; up 14% from another survey just weeks ago.

“Americans are squarely divided along partisan lines on Trump’s stance on immigration: Eighty-one percent of Republicans said they approve of his handling of the issue while 84 percent of registered Democrats said they disapprove,” writes Reuters.

Just 7% of registered Democrats cited immigration as their main concern.

Read the full poll here.