NANCY’S NIGHTMARE: Pelosi's Poll Numbers PLUNGE After Shutdown

Originally published at: NANCY’S NIGHTMARE: Pelosi’s Poll Numbers PLUNGE After Shutdown | Sean Hannity

A new NBC News / Wall Street Journal Poll shows big trouble for the recently sworn-in Speaker of the House; revealing Nancy Pelosi’s approval ratings significantly dropped after the five-week long government shutdown.

“Pelosi’s approval rate dropped by six points during the 35-day government shutdown, as 47 percent of Americans surveyed rated Pelosi as ‘very negative,’ while only 28 percent rated her favorably,” writes the Daily Caller.

“President Trump’s standing among Americans remained effectively unchanged even as he presided over the longest partial government shutdown in U.S. history, the latest example of how his unusual brand of politics has resonated with a strong core of supporters,” adds the survey.

The poll comes just days before Speaker Pelosi and Congressional Democrats face a hard-deadline to pass a bipartisan budget agreement; setting the stage for another potential shutdown should they fail to fully fund the president’s border security proposals.

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