NANCY’S NIGHTMARE: Food Stamp Recipients PLUNGE to EIGHT YEAR LOW | Sean Hannity

The number of Americans receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance -better known as Food Stamps- plunged to the lowest level in eight years; signaling a recovering US economy under President Trump and the GOP-led Congress.

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Sean—there are now more jobs than people—those on welfare of any kind have to go to work—maybe welfare for 3 months and then that is it. DONALD NEEDS TO SET UP TRAINING CENTERS IN THE CITIES TO HELP THIS EMPLOYMENT—CALL THEM THE TRUMP/KANYE CENTERS OF AMERICA. Like any company you increase the cash by more income and or less expenses. AND FOOD STAMPS NEED TO BE FOOD TO BE PICKED UP AT CENTERS.

It also could be because Trump is expecting those that receive aid to work if able. That is why the democrats are so furious with him. They give away free stuff so they will vote democratic and Trump is expecting them to earn what they get to make them feel better about themselves. What a concept.

Maybe LBJ’s estimate of 200 years was wrong.