NANCY RESPONDS: Pelosi Says Democrats ‘Reviewing Options’ to Fight Trump’s ‘Emergency’ Declaration | Sean Hannity

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of “doing an end-run” around Congress Thursday; vowing to “review our options” when the Commander-in-Chief declares a “national emergency” at the US-Mexico border.

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Enough of the b.s. Build the damn wall AND declassify and post ALL those damn docs!

Let’s end this $hit once and for all. We are getting tired of the games and whining.

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Let’s see, they call it an “humanitarian crisis” and other words but “emergency” is a step too far? Really? The law is in place that a barrier, wall, call it what you like, is to be built and never was. It is still LEGAL to build it. I am sick and tired of Dems hiding behind WALLS when people want to talk to them and, in the same breath, say that WALLS are ineffective. THEN QUIT HIDING BEHIND THEM AND ABOLISH THEM FROM YOUR HOMES! Let everyone come visit you! They work just like locked doors and other SAFETY measures they take dozens of times a day. I simply want the same thing. But, I am a “little person” so I don’t DESERVE it, right leftists? Then YOU DON’T!

Why doesn’t Pelosi want to hear from the families of those citizens killed by illegals?? Family members went to DC to talk about it and she called police on them, not once, but twice… why?? Shouldn’t they be heard? After all, Pelosi speaks for illegals as though she listens to them, why should our citizens be treated as less important?

So why was it okay for Obama to get out his pen and do an “end run” around Congress, but it’s not okay for THIS President to use his statutory authority? Couldn’t possibly be because Trump is not a liberal Democrat and you hate his guts could it?