Nancy Pelosi...time tear down that wall/fence with barbwire

In free society where officials are suppose to represent We The People do not have fencing and barbwire with armed guards your throne.

Mrs Pelosi…tear down that wall.


Lib elites love fences, walls and guns when it comes to them being separated from the sheeple who are beneath them.


Umm…Who put the fencing/wire up?

“The White House today is hidden behind a welter of barricades, anti-scale fencing, bollards, and Jersey barriers”

Obviously it is intended for the optics, as if though they were fearful of another bunch of trespass…I mean terrorists. They want you to think that the threat is imminent Political theater.

Nancy has that power.

If you watched the hearing yesterday you would know that the intelligence is hearing chatter about another demonstration on March 6h. It all hinges on the conspiracy theory that on March 6th Trump will be re-instated as POTUS.


Sounds like Nancy is living in fear.

The capitol has shown itself more vulnerable to attack than was believed. If that mob was a little angrier, we’d have a bunch of dead legislators on our hands. Until they redesign security I suspect the fence will remain. I don’t view it as a partisan issue and don’t think it should be “weaponized” as one.

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Pelosi is not in charge of the security of the Capitol.

Oh it’s being weaponized. You already having feds pushing legal boundaries of their power to spy, eavesdrop and even federal harass Trump supporters.

That was something that liberals use to defend…and now they’re worst then republicans pushing Patriot act.


This thread is weaponizing it.

It’s a fence.

It was quite something to see all of the hydraulic barricades that were installed at all of the federal buildings in D.C. after 9/11. I am going to guess that the doors and windows of the Capitol will be modified so the building can be locked down and nobody will be able to enter.

Call it what you want. But what the feds are doing intruding on privacy of ordinary citizens who might have got caught up in Jan 6th…or was there but never entered the building is being spied, investigated etc. Don’t you ■■■■■■■ care about civil liberties anymore?


Something like that yup. We brought our three high school kids to DC in about ‘04 and saw all kinds of new security precautions.

Build a ■■■■■■■ moat around it.

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And you know that how?

Why are you asking me that? I’m talking about the fence

Listen to what they’re saying/doing.