Nancy Pelosi not seeking re-election

Even if Trump were that toxic. His campaign, literally advertised that Virginia was winnable if conservatives just went out and voted.

So stupid.

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Nah, “I’m not Trump” only gets you so far, and will only work when running against Trump. Democrats need to run on ideas.

Nancy Pelosi lead democrats to promise land. Her failure were she didn’t go far enough. She was beholden to old democrat ideologue.

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They did run on ideas. Green new deal, educational dictatorship, new goverment control etc.

Now for democrats to get back their initiative they most push packing the courts, medical authority and push harder for CRT.

After all those professionals know more then normal working stiffs do…you just have to education them.


And if that doesn’t work, just cancel them.


Watch em deny it all now.

On side note AOC most definitely has the cute factor.

That alone goes long way in convincing people over to her ideas/agenda.

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Do you know how the government works? “Chucky” is a Senator. Speaker Pelosi is a Rep.

Fake news

Terrible philosophy.

You knew they wouldn’t learn from this, now they will double down.

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How so?

Where did you get this news? I’m not seeing anything online.

Marx died in 1883. They’ve been trying to fix this broken, demented crap ever since.

They will never learn from it.


“Well, the people have spoken,” Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill. “We respect the results. I’m very sad – Terry McAuliffe is a great leader and he was good as governor of the state.”

“Does it change the agenda for the House?” one reporter asked.

“No,” Pelosi responded.

That’s the spirit girl.


You guess do noticed…libs big spending bill doesn’t have a single penny for building Black business.

Chew on that libs.

IMO Repugs should be pushing it.

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Yes, I’m fully aware of that.

Better than some it seems. :rofl:

Like Trumps platinum plan?

I don’t think Republicans would go for it. Affirmative action and all that jazz.

Not sure how it would be Constitutional but IMO…building successful Black business communities would go much farther then goverment help don’t you think?

But there is a problem…doing so would make Black independent…that’s something libs can’t accept because they need that dependency to maintain power and control.

So why would he be happy if Speaker Pelosi retires?

Get back to me when you figure out how things actually work over there. lol