Nancy Pelosi not seeking re-election

Time for real democrat leader to step up.

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It will snow in hell before she becomes Speaker anytime soon. Dems have a very union mindset and seniority matters a lot.

You need someone that can relate to the people…and AOC has that. People love her.

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Ol’ Chucky is chomping at the dentures.


It’ll be Hoyer.

AOC is too young. For speaker, it needs to be someone who knows how the sausage is made, and is good at it. Someone who can rally people behind the scenes.

Democrats need fresh blood…and who is better at giving it to em?

Clearly the progressives in democrat party wants nothing to do with old guards.

They lost last night because moderates didn’t go far enough.

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IF, the Democratic Party becomes a party of nothing but progressives, they won’t need a speaker because they will never have the majority.


Don’t worry, the dims won’t need to replace her.

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They need to bring/attract new people.

Last night I keep hearing the lost was due to failure of getting spending bill pass.


Don’t believe everything you hear and which spending bill are we talking about. Had the hard infrastructure bill been passed it may have help a bit. However, if the other spending bill had passed Youngkin would have won by more not less.

How about a dark horse - Ritchie Torres

The loss was due to a terrible campaign.

He was literally out there advertising for his opponent. How did no one see this was a bad idea?

I don’t disagree with needing fresh blood. But for a Speaker, they need to be methodical and calculating behind the scenes. Someone who can corale the party during votes.

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Wait, which campaign made this flyer ? I’m genuinely confused

The Democrats. Idiots.

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Holy ■■■■■

These geniuses seriously think Trump is this toxic , just mentioning him wins elections ?

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That’s what they were saying over at CNN…thy failed to get reconciliation bill passed.

He ran a campaign just like libs did in 2020 presidential election. It worked then and will work again in the future.