Nancy Pelosi March 26th is 80th B-Day - her husband Paul needs help making the PERFECT call

There will still be the Encyclopaedia Britannica.


Hmmm: Say I think you are a on to something.

A set of books giving information on many subjects or on many aspects of one subject like:

Learning how impeachment should really work…

The Vindication of Trump by the Senate will last forever as well. :grin: :+1:

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Every day away must be like heaven to him.


Just like Clinton whom we all still considered to have been impeached.

Absolutely! :+1:

Is there a point here? Trump was Vindicated. :grin: :+1:

And look at this…

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently quoted in National Review Online feature by Meiread McArdle:

In it mentions how McCarthy is floating the possibility he would like to expunge Trump’s impeachment form the House record should the GOP retake the major in the lower chamber and elect him Speaker.
He adds: “This is the fastest, weakest, most political impeachment in history.”

Pelosi’s retort: “They can’t do that, Pelosi said. First of all they’re not getting the chamber back, but apart from that, there’s no expunging. If they don’t want to honor they’re oath of office, then they’re going to expunge from their own souls the violation of the Constitution that they made.”

Supreme Irony there with a huge side slice of Hypocrisy.

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He wasn’t vindicated, he just wasn’t removed from office. Same with Clinton. His Senate trial was the equivalent of a teacher grading a test with an A without actually checking the answers.


Yes indeed Trump Vindication goes on steroid’s should Articles be expunged from Congress records…

Fat chance of that for Clinton impeachment being forever etched in stone…

Yes, irony and lol


Exactly the point. When you said “His Senate trial is equivalent of a teacher grading a test with an A without actually checking the answers” if the Lower Chamber’s next principal (Speaker) is Republican they can run the school as they see fit. This includes re-checking every test score. And remember when the teacher caught a student red handed for cheating:


And marked in red on your test paper. And then the trouble really began as your parents were notified.

P.S. Are you even aware that the Whig Party controlled Senate “censored” the 7th President Andrew Jackson writing it in ink on the Senate Official Records in the 1830’s?

Then when the Democrats took over control of the Senate after the next election they


Literally crossing it out with a lined ruler and included signature and date all handwritten too with black toner.

If anyone can find a copy of it, I have seen a picture of the page. Please attach it to this thread.

Kevin McCarthy was mentioned as floating this very possibility as it relates to Trump impeachment articles. Stay tuned.

And when the Democrats regain the House they can expunge the expunging making Trump impeached once again.

Touché Westaussie.

But seriously, any expunging here is simply further vindication of Trump via a formal mockery of the Dems failed Coup d’etat. Should DJT be re-elected, the history books show the U.S. Voters saw right through the real agenda of this diabolical political scheme.

Another impeachment attempt in Congress between now and Election Day could happen. And even Trump being re-elected this November does not prevent any Lower Chamber of going forward like this again and again. However, after all the dust settles and if election results includes Republicans having control of both Houses, you would hope the Democrats at least think twice about using impeachment as strictly a political weapon the next time they may have the chance…

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A solid yes on the first part.

Would a House try the political impeachment again? I think they would with just a tendril of evidence. they learned nothing and will learn nothing with a resounding Trump election in 2020.


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Hey Camp, great talking points.

Yes, partisan impeachment remains of the table.

Ironic twist how Lower Chamber impeachment power is FOREVER while it’s possible Trump being impeached is NOT (necessarily).

This whole expunging possibility is not lost on Pelosi either. Imagine history books will tag Nancy Pelosi as the poster child for how this really went down.

Please re-read my previous post and lmk if you have anything else to add.

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That’s because the teachers in the house likewise gave him an F without actually checking the records.

Yes, he was too vindicated. Removal from office is not the only option the Senate has IF a president is convicted. Trump wasn’t even convicted, so removal from office was never even on the table.

He was vindicated. Get used to it. The house impeachment was a joke.

A clown show.