Nancy Pelosi is a sick person

The more and more things I hear from this lady shows me there is something wrong with her and she needs psychological help. Seriously? Does she now want to put President Trump in prison? I think she had gone over the edge. One of the best presidents this country has ever seen - has the guts to tackle illegal immigration - convinced Mexico to begin stopping the caravans from moving through their country. Nobody else would have pulled that off. Trump is a winner and I am damn proud to have him as my president.


Are you saying calling for your political opponents to be jailed is a bad thing?



Do you think trump is mentally healthy? Think carefully before you answer.

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Really? is that ALL she did?

My bad…

Absolutely, he is very intelligent and knows exactly what he is doing and certainly more sane than Nancy Pelosi

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Did you seriously forget the years of calling for Hillary to be locked up or are you poeing?

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The call for Hillary to be locked up was on a person who did not at the time and currently does not hold a public office.

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Yeah and? That doesn’t change anything. When and if Trump is investigated for criminal offenses he will no longer be holding a public office either

So…but…that matters why? Also Trump had a rally where he was trashing Diane Feinstein and the crowd got into the lock her up chant. It’s their thing. And now Trump supporters have to act offended about it all of a sudden. This is why people assume you are joking.

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What I am trying to convey is what Nancy Pelosi has been doing over the years since Trump became President and that she has gotten to the point of ridiculousness. Her call for the President to be jailed should be taken seriously, this isn’t trading jabs at a campaign rally, she is really going to try and do it. And that is why I think she has moved into insanity.

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pelosi is right. trump should be jailed.
along with his whole criminal family


Trump being a criminal is far fetched? Why did the Trump Charity shut down?

Pelosi is the hero we need right now. That’s why she freaks you guys out so much.

LOL. If you believe that I bet you’ll be whispering “rosebud” soon.


Or not.

You make the call.


That’s my feeling

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It’s not insane in the least, remember the Debate between Trump and HRC? He outright said if he became President she would go to jail. It’s not unprecedented.

To me, impeachment isn’t possible because the GOP holds the Senate and they won’t consider anything, but once Trump leaves office there are probably quite a few indictments that are waiting for him from the SDNY and the State of NY. Once the next President is sworn in, 2021 or 2025, he will probably be arrested on the spot.

So he better work on getting reelected! That will give him 4 years out of the clink!

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Completely ignoring all the calls of “Lock her up!” led by donnie and promoted by all his promoters…