Nancy Pelosi inciting violence with her rhetoric

at people house no less.

“We will probably need a supplemental [budget] for more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives – a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what is happening outside,” Pelosi said during her weekly news conference Thursday at the Capitol.

In other words…she wants more guns to protect her.

When asked for clarification on what she means about the enemy within, Pelosi specifically called out fellow members of Congress.

She is calling her follow members enemy…isn’t this the very kind of rhetoric that endangering our elected officials? One would thought they have learn after Steve Scalise incident.

“It means we have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress,” Pelosi said.

Do you have proof of this Nancy?

If so present it…otherwise you need to be censored for inciting a violent revolt.

So much for unity…right libs?


Remove peolosi. That’s the ticket.


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I agree…for inciting violence.

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Just need 2/3 of the house to agree.


Where does she say “more guns”?..Looks like she says “More security”…To me.

So this concludes Trump impeachment had nothing to do with inciting violence or insurrection.

I mean otherwise Nancy would follow her own advise.

And what does security means to you?

You need guns for security? There’s no other way?

That’s what you have the capitol police.


No, it doesn’t. Needing protection because house members continue to receive death threats while in DC and back in their districts is not the same as inciting violence.


Apparently Trump didn’t, since he called the Press the enemy, and Georgia officials as well…

Did Trump called congress critters the enemy? Did he accuse them of making threats to him?


Oh…it only counts for congress critters…gotcha :roll_eyes:

This was broadcasted by multiple outlets last week.

Where did she say that members of congress should be attacked?


Apparently AOC just accused Ted Cruz of trying to kill her.


Don’t detract…I understand you have nothing.

Facts remain…leader of house accuse follow members of being the enemy. Dangerous rhetoric should be censored. What are libs going to do about it.


So? What does that got to do with this?

Did he have a part in riling up his supporters with false info?