Nancy Pelosi: Impeachment is off the table for now, economics is the big issue

So now she decides that they don’t have anything to impeach him with they want it dropped.
The Problems Nancy has is the problems Republicans have at times as well.
People know what Nancy has said in the past before this election.
They have seen Maxine out calling for Impeachment.

So these are just new words to try to win over the working class that they totally ignored in the last election.

Obviously you do.

Trump will not be impeached during his term in office.


He will not be removed but if the dems get the majority they absolutely will impeach.

Why not, Allan?

lol so now Nancy is responsible for state and local Dem Reps…lolol so by that logic Trump is responsible for Moore and a few racist senate candidates

History. I think Pelosi doesnt want to repeat the same mistake Newt Gingrich made. He thought the Republicans would pick up 30 seats in the 1998 mid terms LOL. wrong Newt, Dems picked up 5.

so the R’s did a lame duck impeachment in december 1998 after the disastrous midterms. another LOL. Not a chance in a million Clinton would be removed from office by the senate. They went though the motions. found not guilty on all charges and clinton served out his last two years.


That’s a smart move.

Did you read her quote? That’s not what she said. And it has nothing to do with Maxine Waters.

Yes I read it.
I am stating my opinion on what SHE thinks this is going to do.
She has said lots of crazy stuff and she knows it was starting to hurt. So she is trying to back peddle to try to win the Working Class people they IGNORED.

You sure about that Allan?

Pelosi’s right about one thing - as divisive as Donald has been for the nation, impeachment would magnify that exponentially. Not good for either party, but more importantly not good for the country. They should adopt the McConnell doctrine, and make it their top priority to ensure is a one-term president.

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