Nancy Pelosi: Impeachment is off the table for now, economics is the big issue

In a new interview with Rolling Stone just out today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it clear again that impeaching Donald Trump is not her goal.

Rolling Stone: “Just to make sure I understand: You were saying that impeachment was “off the table” in relation to Bush? Or with Trump?”

Pelosi: "Even with Trump. If you got something, show it. But I’m not going after it. What we’re going after is the economic security of America’s working families.

Rolling Stone: Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer is spending millions on a pro-impeachment campaign. Trump is out on the stump warning impeachment is the Democratic agenda. It’s going to be an issue in the campaign –

Nancy Pelosi: This election cannot be about impeachment. I don’t think it’s in the interest of America’s working families to focus on that, unless we have more to go on, which we don’t at this time. You get the power of subpoena, you don’t know where it takes you. I wouldn’t not impeach the president for political reasons. But I wouldn’t impeach him for political reasons, either. That’s just not what it’s supposed to be about. I think it’s not unifying for the country. So that’s my message to Steyer. He’s my friend, former neighbor – I just completely don’t agree. I wish he would spend the money pointing out the horror show that the tax bill is.

Not to mention the horrid immigration policy. I hope that idea sticks.

Here’s the link that I forgot to add:

Even though I’m not a fan of Pelosi, I agree. The Republican candidates are ignoring the tax bill like the plague, they don’t even mention it.

She’s effective all right

Democrats under Nancy Pelosi lost 11 governorships, 13 U.S. Senate seats, 69 House seats, and 913 state legislative seats and 30 state legislative chambers.

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Nancy Pelosi is responsible for losing state races?

That doesn’t make sense.

She was the parties leader. She was instrumental in getting the ACA passed. To pretend she didn’t play a role in state level democratic losses doesn’t hold water.

Leader doesn’t mean the same in your language as it does for everyone else.

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What about collusion?

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Obama was the party’s leader. What do state races have to do with federal legislation?

Trying to figure out what role she played in state races. I figured they’d be about state issues, not federal.

She’s leader of the House of Representatives. I think it’s irrational that someone would vote a certain way for state senator due to Pelosi. Not that it didn’t happen, just pointing out it’s irrational.

Furthermore, I bet you guys wished you had someone as good at passing legislation in your party. The House or Representatives has done next to nothing with their power.

The new theme for libs should be a picture of the Terminator with Hillary’s head on it with the underlying caption saying, “I’ll be back”. :sunglasses:

I am so glad that Pelosi is the current lib spokes person. The only way it could improve is with Maxine.

I want Trump impeached.

Except liberals always lie. Especially in election years.

Who cares?

If they get a majority Pelosi will play the impeachment card faster than Billy the Kid could do his quick draw back in the day.

She’s a leader in the party whether you’d like to discard her or not. What do you dislike about her that would make you reject the notion that she’s one of your party’s leaders?

Answer that, and you’ll come to the same conclusion that others have in various states.

Yep, and gun control, and open borders and tax increase, but Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for now!

Yep don’t stir up the Trump base.

It’s still irrational.