"Nancy Pelosi!" I Scream

Okay, I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I may have seen James Corden (sp?) but I don’t really know who he is. (Did I see him in the trailer for Cats?) So I don’t know the context of the clip that I’d seen after the fact, apparently an interview he did with Nancy Pelosi showing off her ice cream collection.

This was the comment in the room when we saw that clip: “What is she, channelling her inner Marie Antoinette?” Because to show what appeared to be side-by-side restaurant caliber refrigerator freezer units, one of which had a drawer full of ice cream products just seemed rather tone deaf when there are people who have been out of work for weeks, struggling to put food - basics like eggs, milk, veggies - in the $799 'fridge they got on sale. One minute, I’m watching PSAs with out-of-the-limelight celebrities encouraging me to find ways to help feed the struggling and unemployed in my community and then I see this clip.

For the record, I have 1.5 pints of Talenti ice cream in my freezer, plus two six pack boxes of mochi bites and two muffins I froze from a trip to my favorite coffee shop (window service only, must wear a mask) After that, it’s a little meat, bags of frozen vegetables that were in the 99 cent bin, two bags of frozen tortellini, a box of jalapeño poppers (cream cheese, not cheddar) and a 12 piece bag of frozen biscuits that have been in there so long I forgot when I bought them and think I probably ought to throw them out, but I’m keeping them just in case.

A real “let em eat cake” kind of gal. :roll_eyes:


More Pelosi derangement syndrome.


I’ve been told by posters that “liberals” are jealous of the lavish life styles of the rich.

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It’s clear that pelosi ran to the safe haven of hate-night TV to show her leadership abilities, and didn’t for a second consider how out of touch she appears.

She has been riding the fantasy of getting bumped up to POTUS for the past 3-4 months.


I’ve been told that many of the biggest trump-hating republicans are the “true conservatives” on the board, yet they can’t ever seem to criticize an idiot like pelosi.

Whaddya know!


I really like this OP. Keep those biscuits. Make them soon.

We women like our ice cream.

Good for her.

Um. . .okay?

I’m pretty sure I even saw brown mustard in her kitchen. Impeach her

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You’re going to defend her?

She really did come off as out of touch…but again we all knew that.

Difference between Trump and Pelosi? Trump knows he has it good and will tell you that. Nancy will tell sheep she’s one of them.

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Against having a drawer of ice cream in her freezer?

I have a drawer of ice cream in my freezer.



No, against bragging about it while sitting on her drunk ass in her mansion while small business is dying because she won’t reload PPP.


Clearly you are an out-of-touch elitist :shushing_face:

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Is the senate even in session?

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Defend her for having the audacity to have ice cream? Does she have no shame?!


Why the PDS?

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From the crowd that cheers the man with a golden toilet


Dems in the House are holding it up, not the Senate.