Nancy: Lock him up!

Now Nancy is saying that she wants Trump to go to prison. Well that’s awesome. But there is one minor thing that she left out. The crime. It all starts with identifying the crime. And after three years the dems still don’t seem to be interested in identifying what crime they want to lock him up for. Does anybody have any idea?

More proof that the liberal side of congress has no clue either.

Pelosi is the smart one in the bunch. Scary.

Is she???

Yes. She is.

He probably will go to prison after he’s no longer a politican. Way too many financial investigations to go.


Look…both sides need to wise up about their ignorance. Republicans are ridiculous, democrats have no clue…and that’s how you get AOCs in congress. Republicans and Democrats better start doing what the people want. Because if you want AOCs that’s how you get AOCs. Socialist leaning democrats. Look wisely at Chicago!

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Whattayamean no longer a politician. That implies he was one once!

He’s probly been buying politicians his entire life.

I don’t know. I agree with Trumps assessment of her when he said she was slipping. She certainly has lost a few mental steps on the competition.

Ok. She’s still the smartest one of that bunch. I didn’t say it was much of an achievement.

What competition?

Pelosi is performing better as Speaker than I would have guessed, and as much as I dislike her, I’ve always recognized her skill.

Lol! Yeah but you missed the part where I said I agreed with Trump about something!:sunglasses:

Not giving her a lot of credit then when you said better than you would have guessed huh?

Any “impact” by AOC is due to republicans who are obsessed, and were beside themselves when the freshman congresswoman was elected. Republicans gave her power and influence, and it grew from there. A very small constituent of democratic voters actually elected her.


I saw it.

If she (they) keep giving the people no nonsense government. That small constituency mindset grows!

I apologize, I probably didn’t word that correctly.

Out of the members of the Democratic Party, or those who caucus with them, Pelosi was the best choice for Speaker. I expected her to manage that very difficult job with ease.

She has done better than I expected. Not only has she done the best that could be expected in wrangling the new freshmen Dems, she’s placed herself in position in relation to the President where she can consistently make a fool of him without ever having to stoop to his level.


They said that about W and Dick Cheney as well. Now Cheney there was a crooked character.

On the other hand, when I moved to San Francisco in 2011, I made the final decision as to what apartment to choose based on not being in Pelosi’s district.

Of course, they redistricted everything a year after I moved, and I ended up in her district.