Nancy goes full marxist

It appears that your beloved witch is pressuring big tech companies to turn over to her the communication records of republicans who have not been accused of a crime. Nor are they part of a criminal investigation. The FBI already made a finding that there was no organized effort to over throw the government. But that’s not good enough for Nancy. This is obviously an act of total paranoia from your witch who knows that super stupid democratic polices have put her majority at risk. This kind of thing used to happen only if a warrant was issued. Not because the leader of the opposition party ordered it.

How about this? Expose the communications of EVERY member of congress. Including Nancy’s. If she has nothing to hide, she should be the first to lay it all on the table. Lead by example.

More evidence that your leaders are fascists. Big tech needs grow a pair and finally tell Nancy to take a long walk on a short pier.

Dems Seek Sweeping Roundup of Communications of Capitol Protesters (


Nancy has gone off the deep end for sure.
Those Republicans named need to fight this tooth and nail.

And if they don’t comply, well, I guess they will have no shot at future multi billion dollar government contracts. Welcome to the police state.


I think that is a small sacrifice to make.

This isn’t an investigation seeking the truth. The entire reasoning for it is to spin the web of deceit to hide the actual truth of that day…which I predicted.


And for show to their constituents…maybe to “politically execute DJT,” if not to make him ineligible to run again, than to cause him the most pain possible.

Offer to expose all congressional communications or none. This cherry picking is obscene. Nobody has been charged with a crime here.


“Commies…fascists!!”…Oh, my.

Someone sounds worried.

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It appears the house is asking for these records to be preserved. It’s unclear if and when they would actually view the records or use them in their investigation.

“The Select Committee seeks the preservation of these records as part of its examination of the violent attack on the Capitol and the broader context of efforts to delay or interfere with the peaceful transfer of power following the 2020 election,” Chairman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi wrote in the letters to the companies …

Worried about our rights, sure. You got us.

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Don’t ruin a good Marrxist!! rant.

You like the idea of Nancy being able to order the communications records of political opponents who have not been accused of a crime? Should Nancy offer up her own as well?

You like the idea of Nancy being able to order the communications records of political opponents who have not been accused of a crime? Should Nancy offer up her own as well?

Do you really think that the big company won’t comply with a subpoena?


The FBI has all the info already. Nancy is not going to find anything that they don’t already know. She is using this as a political weapon.


If Republicans are so concerned about impartiality, they should have agreed to a bipartisan investigation. Just sayin’. As to what the House committee is doing here, I’d have to know more and if requests like this are common as part of on going investigations.

I’d love to see every single politician’s social media communications on the day of the mostly peaceful capitol protest.


It’s an investigation. Congress has the right to information.


We already have Trump’s.

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Who has issued a subpoena?