NANCY DIGS IN: Pelosi Says Border Wall Funding a ‘NON-STARTER’ for Democrats | Sean Hannity

House Minority Leader and likely Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi dug in on her party’s opposition to funding President Trump’s border wall Thursday; saying the issue was a “non-starter” heading into future negotiations.

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So Pelosi cares more about ILLEGALS than her own citizens. Shouldn’t she care about the cost involved with illegals? They have NO skills, NO money, can NOT speak English, can NOT understand English, wave Mexican/Honduran/Guatemalan flags, swear at us, demand “repartitions”… shouldn’t Pelosi care about the homeless in her state AND the vets?

2 words to pound into her brain (and Schumer’s too): Border SECURITY!!!

Just a few years ago Nancy and Chuck were leading Democrat demands for a wall and increased border security. Now they are leading demands for open borders. What happened? Is it just the fact that there is a Republican in the Whitehouse or have they been smoking too much of that stuff that keeps being smuggled across the border?

President Trump should say to Pelosi, “You should sign the bill to see what’s in it.”

Someone needs to tell Pelosi that POTUS was right in that he could get a bill passed in the House but why do that if it can’t get through the Senate? Or can it?