NANCY CHALLENGED: Rep. Jim Jordan DARES Pelosi to Dismantle Border Wall Near San Diego | Sean Hannity

Rep. Jim Jordan issued a stark challenge to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Monday; daring the left-wing lawmaker to sponsor legislation that would “take down” the existing border wall between San Diego and Tijuana.

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I would like to challenge Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, elites, and all leftist libs to remove the walls around their property AND to turn in the guns of their security detail.

Isn’t going to happen Abby. THEY are too important to the country to risk being hurt or killed. As for the guns, when they get their way we will have police all around us keeping us “safe”. Isn’t that what we call a police state?

The Police will be keeping us “safe” from ideas ;which do not conform to their, repressive, totalitarian, anti-American, agenda.

What about the $150B + nuclear weapons that Obama gave to our enemies Iran, the $17M “hush money” fund for the Congress to pay off sexual harassment accusers or the $17 Trillion in HUD and the DOD that was lost and written off? That sounds mighty “immoral” to me, but I didn’t hear anybody in Congress complaining about that! But Nancy and Chuckee don’t want to build a wall to protect the citizens of the USA? Their days are numbered!

What the Dem’s won’t talk about is the fact it takes a 100 + billion dollars a year to take care of all the illegal aliens. That is immoral especially when it takes away form Americans who need help. 5.7 Billion the President wants for border security is only 5% of the cost of taking care of them. Democrats are a joke.

I love Jim but why did he challenge Nancy to dismantle part of the wall? She would love to do that, and effectively has. Nancy doesn’t have a selfish bone in here body, and just wants to spend her life helping the less fortunate. Just ask her. There is no way you can shame Nancy and the SJW crowd.
The radical Dems will now demand that part of the wall in California be demolished, as the unselfish, “right thing to do.” Jerry Brown will loudly agree, Antifa will offer to provide destructive labor. Whose moral idea was that? Bad idea, Jim, if the Dems get the Senate, you’ll see that idea again.
… Better we should give the Democrats 100 miles of border in an area modestly populated but not currently fenced, and let them set up their leftly acclaimed high tech barrier system of travel restraints. As Nancy told us, we won’t know how it will function, or even if it will work, until we build it.
…As a bonus for cooperating/competing with the Current Administration, let Ms Cortez oversee the funding, and personally supervise a contest to name this alternate system project after a prominent Democrat, e.g., Obama, Hillary, Beto, herself, etc.
…Once built, we will be able to measure the amount of human flow into the United States, and vice versa, for that 100 mile noble experiment. Give the Dems a chance to do more than talk theory: make the Democrats actually responsible for 100 miles of their Alternative System. In the meantime, continue with the rest of the work, as per traditional systems, and then compare and contrast the results…Lots of luck, good buddy.

Love your response. Are you channeling Jonothan Swift.