Name Some Things That the liberal Media is at Odds With the dimocrat Party Over

So, after watching today’s media assault on the president, I’m thinking there is not one thing they don’t challenge him on every day.

I can’t think of anything that the media doesn’t agree with, fight for or slime others on behalf of their chosen party.

Anything?? Anyone??

since the “Liberal Media” isn’t a person it would be hard to view their opinion on given subject there are tons of people in journalism with vast range of opinions.

It’s insane that one party controls about 95% of the media and the other party has to fight that messaging on two fronts.

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“media assault on the president”…

Lol can’t stop laughing.


If only there was some type of fairness doctrine.

Oh yeah, you ever seen the media lining up to call the president a racist to his face before this??

Which president?? What year?? And which media members?

It’s not fair that media gets to ask Donnie questions!!1!!

I guess you forgot about the WH press corps planning out their group coordinated strategy sessions.

I haven’t.

It’s not fair that Donnie had to be subjected to a reporter with a microphone ask Donnie about his racist tv ad that was too racist for networks to air!!! To his face!! An actual question!!

Poor Donald.

So very, very unfair. So very, very mean.

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So you can’t think of anything either.


Reporters asking the president about his racist ad? shocking.

some people at CNN think the DNC need more minorities, other think they need better policies to help the homeless and working poor.

I take it you can’t name one thing either.

I’m not surprised at all. Thanks for not trying though.

Oh it’s just so sad that some workers figured out a way to do their job differently not fair!!!

You think the thousands of people that work in journalism are all marching in unionize, like they are robots?

Name one thing that Trumpists don’t consider themselves victims of. Ready? Go!!!


Nothing racist about it.

“vast range of opinions” haha, you should take that on the comedy club circuit.

So you’re saying that cnn thinks the dimocrat party is racist??