Name-Calling, the Republican's New Secret Weapon

Republican name-calling; good strategy or desperation?

According this article in the NYT House Republicans are taking a page from Trump’s playbook.

[With Name-Calling and Twitter Battles, House Republican Campaign Arm Copies Trump’s Playbook - The New York Times]

I can’t believe this is the best way to win elections, but it worked for Trump, so who knows?

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NYT, come on man, stop feeding the fake news!

They’re all a bunch of racist, sexist, homophobic morons…so who really cares about their undignified name calling. We need to show those bigots just how virtuous we are and not stoop to their level.

…bunch of Neanderthal rednecks.


Super predators

I know…the nerve of these sexist idiots and their childish name calling.

…We’re so much better than those fools.

Obama addressing the black caucus telling them to take off their bedroom slippers, priceless.

And what did you find to be “fake” about this article?

There is nothing like a non-agenda driven, balanced, fact driven article, instructing the self proclaimed morally superior on just who it is they should be directing their self righteous ire towards, to dispel this notion of fake news.

If only these backwoods bigots could comprehend just how pathetic it is for Republicans to name-call, we’d have 2020 sewn up.
But they’re too stupid…bunch of deplorable, smelly Walmart dwellers clinging to their guns and bibles.

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Just so I am clear, you support the name calling?

Not when those racist bigots in the Republican party do it…that’s when I feign outrage and take to typing articles about it.

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That sacrasm doesn’t work well with President “go-back-to-your-country”, "grab them by the ■■■■■ ", and a failed republican presidental candidate fist pumping with Kim Davis at a political rally less than one election cycle ago.

Not all, though. Good thing is that these lithmus tests are still ongoing and plenty of Republicans manage to pass them.

You can only expect name calling from the “deplorables”.

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Naw, it works just fine.


Well, I wish the Republican party good luck if they choose the trumpian path of middle school nicknames and babyish taunts.

Watching the rally right now. You just don’t see this support at any Dem event. With or without your well wishes, Trump is cruising to election.

Pretty much they call someone a racist sexist homophobe and then get upset when you fireback. No one wants to be called a racist, it’s very derogatory and where I work career ending and it is thrown around as easy as the word “Blue”.

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Demonizing the opposition IS the democratic platform, and has been for quite some time. Oddly enough, it’s my firm belief that if this weren’t so, someone like Trump would have never been elected. I honestly believe had the Democrats limited their demonizing to just politicians in the opposition, we’d have president Clinton to gripe about now. But, they didn’t, we got Trump, and now they are continuing on with this idea.

Who knows, if Trump gets re-elected, perhaps this will change.

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Yep. :+1: