NAFTA NO GO: Trudeau Says NO DEAL that Doesn’t Protect Canada’s ‘Culture and Identity’ | Sean Hannity

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pivoted during high-stakes negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement this week; saying he can’t sign-on to any deal that doesn’t protect Canada’s “culture” and history.

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Make Canada great again.

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Trump is working on it…

Trump doesn’t put Canada best interest first.

All good deals are win win…

And we all know Canada has no “culture” That’s like saying there are real Americans…lol!

When You present us a good deal we will sign it, but that isn’t what Trump is pushing its a bad deal for us.

Since you are a leftist a good deal, means you pay us…Right? Otherwise you are a greedy capitalists, who want children to starve…

Trudeau may say he is for his people, and it doesn’t represent his people, but these continued tariffs will do nothing but continue to hurt his people. Trudeau wont last another term up in Canada.

Trudeau will win another term easily.

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The Trade war has been a boom for his popularity among Conservative voters.

So a Canadian recession makes him popular? That makes no sense at all.

The recession ended, but again thank for destroy the world economy in 2008.

Canada isn’t in a recession and threatening us isn’t going to get us to sign a bad deal, at this point Trudeau would loose more support signing the current agreement.


A Bad Deal is the one that Bill Clinton signed! Your country bent us over in the taxation of imports and exports. Do you know how much it is for one 12 ounce glass of Clearly Canadian Sparkling water in Texas? Almost four dollars . INSANE!!!

NAFTA has been a net positive for Canada.

And a net Negative for the US! Glad you see that! Those days are over.

There not over NAFTA is still law of the land Trump has yet to produce a bill to kill it.

NAFTA will still exist till Trump can make a deal that Canada will sign.

NAFTA is an international agreement, not a US Agreement, it can be killed with an EO even.

NAFTA holds as much weight as a NATO agreement.