Nadler accuses Trump AND senators - impeach them all?

Nadler tells senators that they will be participating in a cover-up and committing treachery if they don’t vote his way. I suppose Nadler would impeach “them” if he could. Hopefully senators got a small taste of what’s it’s like to be falsely accused and can imagine what it must be like to be falsely accused . . . for years! That alone should guarantee an overwhelming acquittal from all GOPers and a good number of Dems.


He’s a babbling, bumbling, bungling blowhard. Other that that, he’s a great guy.

Yeah, that Jerry Nads what a crack up.

I don’t think they are participating in a cover up, more like enabling.

But even if they get the witnesses they want there’s no guarantee someone will directly say “trump said we’ll put the aid on hold and see if they’ll announce the investigation into Biden.“

Just a continuing democrat tantrum, don’t give it any credence.

But he will still be in office if this impeachment marathon ever ends. So there’s that.

Nadler was being an idiot and went too far.
He should apologize to the Senate.

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He’ll stay, Democrats will complain about republicans enabling a cover up, and Republicans will cry witch hunt.

Yep - this is all pretty much saber rattling at this point. The impeachment portion has concluded, the Senate will have the trial portion, and Trump will stay in office for the remainder of his term. Dems will claim enabling, Republicans will claim witch-hunt, we’ll have an election and then see what we have to work with next year. Life will go on.

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It’s the most partisan impeachment in history. Even those with IQ’s slightly below room temperature can look at the house vote and see it for what it is.


Partisanship has no victors.

First rule for lawyers: don’t offend those you need to persuade. Naddler is no lawyer. Nor are any of his globalist co-conspirators


There are ten months of revelations to come re Democrat/deep state corruption that Democrats are desperate to silence. Load up the pop-corn.

These are mentally ill people. All their bank accounts should be frozen until people start whistleblowing.

Senator Cruz just stated that Nadler just opened the door for Senators to subpoena Hunter Biden. If so…this will be so much fun. Everything I’ve witnessed regarding Hunter and his dealings point to him being very careless and that he’s not all that bright. What a great combination for the actual truth to be exposed. He’s not smart enough to lie like so many of the politicians.

That’s right! Off to the gulag with all of them! Let’s just categorize all of them as mentally ill, and seize all their assets with no due process!!!

We don’t need no stinkin’ constitution!!!

It’s stuff like this that makes me ashamed I was ever associated with the Republican party.


What are you fantasizing that Hunter Biden did?

I’m fantasizing that due to Sr’s political standing, that Jr got this job and that Sr then abused his power to protect this company…according to himself. If we are looking for abuse of power…truly looking…then this is the first on the list that needs to be prosecuted. It will then lead to the others that have done the exact same thing. This is NOT how our polticial system is to work and no matter how one tries to spin it, this is a quid pro quo.

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How do I say this nicely…

Nadler is an idiot…

One of the poster children for why we desperately need term limits.

The man is a piece of trash.

He did fine.

The problem with lying is eventually you rhetorically poison the well.