N.Y. Times: Mueller focusing on contacts between Manafort and Kolimnik

It’s not a mutually exclusive thing my man. You can actually be concerned and oppose someone like Manafort working with a Russian intelligence officer in the election, AND have concerns listed here.

My opinion regarding your concerns for Carter Page (of all people to go to the mat for, you sure picked a doozy here) is you should brace for disappointment. Several members of Congress, including many in the GOP have seen the full initial FISA application, and all of its renewals, completely without redaction. And not a single one of them has cried foul afterwards and in fact quit talking about the issue after seeing it all. Like Trey Gowdy for example.

That tells me this CEC rabbit hole is nothing more than a shiny object deflection made up by those desperate to run interference for Trump and his campaign, who needed propaganda and fear of this Deep State to keep his base rallied behind him, instead of fleeing because they learned the truth. That this is the single most corrupt, scandalous campaign, and then administration in US history.


You read much in very little. I’m observing the FBI do things that are so far outside the scope of what’s acceptable behavior and this then goes to Brennan and Clapper too. If what I’ve suspected is true, this scandal is beyond big and now becomes scary.

I disagree. I see the preeminent Law Enforcement Institution in the world deal with an unprecedented situation in this corrupt, scandalous, and maybe even treasonous campaign, administration, and organization. Look at what SDNY is having to review and investigate because of all of the corruption and crimes surrounding this group of people.

We MUST have law and order and this group should not be above the law just because they won an election.

Yes clinton argued this back during whitewater as well…he was wrong then as well…
What you suspect is something youve been pushing for a few years now and have been told its a pipe dream…yet you cling to some bitter fantasy that the fbi is corrupt and that the fisa warrants were an abuse of power because thats qhat you qere told to believe.

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Hard to tell. He doesn’t do anything.

I’m observing that the Trump administration is so scared of what the FBI is possibly going to turn up that they’ve taken to slandering their own agencies.

When texts are exposed that reveal a vile, political hatred for the President by the lead investigator, whose texts are later deleted by those in charge, tells me the FBI has internal problems that those at the top are seriously attempting to hide. I hope Barr is a no nonsense AG who will get in there and expose what truly needs to see the light of day.

Sounds like a trump supported witch hunt to me

He won’t because what you’re claiming isn’t reality.

You read much into very little. All you have are snippets of a handful of text messages that are being stretched and contorted to fulfill a narrative propogated by the Trump administration.

There’s never been any findings that the investigation was handled in any biased manner.

Yeah…I know and keep chewing that cud.

Sorry but it’s true. Trump has been in charge of the DoJ for years and the best evidence you’ve got is snippets of text messages. That’s it. Do you really think Trump would sit on evidence of a conspiracy against him in his own DoJ? It defies all logic.

I’m shocked that career Law Enforcement Officials who have devoted their lives to upholding the rule of law and defending our nation from attacks, both foreign and domestic, would have hatred for corrupt criminals who have contempt for LEO’s that seek to defend this great nation of ours. Shocked I say. :roll_eyes:

You see, that right there, is wrong. You should get the basic facts correct first.

Oh…you must have forgot the liberal fantasy of the FBI’s professional ability to compartmentalize their emotions? Evidently…that’s a bunch of bull feces too.

Yeah…I know and tell that same line of bull to our host so he can have a good laugh too.

Don’t bait TOS violations. That has to be considered inappropriate.


It’s not a “liberal fantasy” whatever that means. Professionals have to compartmentalize their personal feelings and their professional actions all of the time. I’m sure you do as well. If someone wanted to purchase one of your products, and they were wearing an “Impeach 45” shirt, surely you wouldn’t turn them away.

IG Horowitz detailed out that the personal opinions of these career agents did not impact their actions or decisions. Besides, the way the FBI is structured, there are checks and counter-measures to prevent such things from occurring. Regardless of what the propaganda coming from those being investigated would have you believe.

@Plasmaball is correct. These deflections and attacks on LEO’s are a page right out of the Clinton playbook from Whitewater. It’s also the same from Nixon and Watergate. You seem to have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. The LEO’s aren’t the bad guys. The crooks they are catching are.

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Did you all hear that don jr. called his dad after the fusion gps orchestrated meeting at trump tower??

Wow! This is it!

Do you think Trump didn’t actually know about the meeting?

Who can tell with all of the hillary connected slime merchants setting up phony meetings and then having their friends in the obama administration leaking phony stories to their friends in the media, who in turn were using these stories to get their friends in the justice department phony warrants to spy on their opponent so that these friends in the justice department can leak phony stories to their friends in the media…

What was your question again??