N.Y. Post writer, Douglas Murray, gives life to Jan. 6th committee propagandists

OK doesn’t look like you’ll answer.

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Focus on the three hours on question, please.

I just did. But you didn’t answer my question.

By the way, I am shocked…SHOCKED…I tell you…that Trump supporters are now throwing the editorial staff of the NY Post under the bus.

They have learned well from their leader.

  • Just a yes or no question…

Do you think Trump did anything wrong after he lost the election and then during Jan 6th?

We do know the facts.

He did nothing in those three hours except fire off an incendiary tweet.


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Good idea. Have a new committee formed which is in harmony with our adversarial system.

No we don’t

What would you expect for that committee to find that counters the testimony that while Trump’s supporters were violently attacking the Capitol, he did nothing to stop it and it forced Mike Pence to take authority and call in the National Guard from a parking garage?

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It will be interesting to see if the NYP’s revenue goes down in the near future and if it does, what they’ll say and do about it?

The NYPost is a literal rag

People read it for the sports and gossip section.

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Do you ever think- after all this time- hey maybe…Trump was acting in a way that was wildly wrong?

Or do you push that thought away from you as impossible?

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Nothing burgers served by the swamp from 2016 to 2022… That’s why only 14% believe the news these days.

…that broke the Hunter Biden story where 51 retired, so called…“intelligence” agents labeled as Russian disinformation.

None of the reporters there would sign on to it and they had to rely on a literal nobody to be on the byline.

But back to the thread at hand.

How could Trump failing to do anything to stop his supporters attacking the Capitol leaving it to Mike Pence to take authority and call in the National Guard be shown in a good light?

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You mean like Biden is now doing with respect to an invasion of our southern boarder?

Give it a frickin break. What event has and/or is, actually inflicting devastating consequences on the United States and her citizens? The Jan. 6th event, or the ongoing invasion of our southern border by the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled, and criminal populations of other countries?


No. It is not. But Douglas Murray has found a clever way to use the New York Post to advance his personal, anti-Trump political agenda. And his agenda ignores the real threat to America’s general welfare, which is the ongoing invasion of our southern border ___ an invasion which is something he ought to be reporting on instead of an overblown rowdy event which took place on Jan. 6th, ___ the Jan. 6th event being insignificant to the devastating consequences suffered by the American people from the invasion of our border.


Jan 6 was an attack on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump.

While that attack was occurring Donald Trump did nothing to stop it.

This made it so Mike Pence had to take command and call in the National Guard to stop the attack.

How does this get shown in a good light?

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The 5’s D of Dodgeball

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The constant regurgitation and rehashing of the Jan. 6th event ___ an event which is really insignificant to the suffering American citizens are experiencing from the ongoing invasion of our southern border ___ is only too obvious a strategy to keep the people’s minds off the Democrat Leadership’s encouraging and assisting in the invasion of our southern border. And, it has now gotten to the point where those, in the media, who constantly dwell on Jan. 6th, while ignoring the invasion of our southern border, are giving intentional cover to the Democrat Leadership’s actions which are destroying the United States from within.


Today’s Fifth Column media ___ MSNBC, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, WASHINGTON POST, ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, New York Daily News, Time, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Politico, Snopes, Fact Check… ETC., and countless Yellow Journalists who are socialist revolutionaries ___ make Russia’s old Pravda, [an organ of the old Communist Party of the Soviet Union] look like propaganda amateurs.