N.R.A. Shuts Down Production of NRATV

Dana Loesch will no longer be the public face of the N.R.A.

They are in serious disarray- of their own making.

Who will rage about Thomas the Train now? Who?


They have my thoughts and prayers


Good. Now get rid of LaPierre and Cox and maybe I’ll consider renewing my membership.

Dana will be back. She’s too hot to keep off of tv.

I had to.

Things are going really good.


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It’s funny which threads belong in OTB and which belongs in Politics.

Thoughts and prayers.

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Bye, bye Nia.

Lol. I see what you did there…


Bye, Felicia.

I had a rather robust and protracted exchange between myself and a fellow poster whom I have not seen on here for a considerable period; so I won’t name the poster in case they are persona non grata. I debated with that person whether movements like the March for our Lives would impact the influence of the NRA. Clearly they have had an impact on the NRA’s influence. in concert with the, ironic, NRA shooting themselves in their collective foot.

It gets worse for them…bunch of freeloading grifters. Their supporters are truly dumbasses.


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Is she more donnie’s type?

They absolutely are.

Feel free to take it up in the feedback forum.

Many thanks. Much appreciated, especially the prayers.

Outstanding! Now for LaPierre…

Oh hell no!

Best not make too many waves when you’re someone with my reputation.