N.J. hair-braiding bill conditionally vetoed by Gov. Murphy - Big Government at its worst

Does this not speak to utter ubsurdity of big government:

New Jersey requires that professional hair braiders complete 1,200 hours of training at a beauty school — which costs upward of $17,000.

Here is the full article.

More examples of government running amuck.

This requirement is so insane that its shocking that some lawmaker(s) was actually able to make something like this up. Classic example of big government of taking advantage of people just wanting to start a simple small business.

Here is another statement from the article:

“McKnight, who wears braids, said that at least 50 braiders testified before lawmakers and said the licensing requirements have forced many of them out of business.”

It sounds like the governor’s intent is to lower the requirement from 40 or 50 hours from 1200 hours. That does seem appropriate. If this is a profession and they’re charging for it, there should be a license for the professional to protect consumers IMO. 1200 hours was ridiculous. It took me less than 100 hours to get a VFR pilots license.

This is what Murphy proposed:

“Murphy proposed that experienced braiders be required to receive 40 hours of training, and said the instruction should be focused on sanitation, decontamination, and infection control. Those new to the trade should obtain 50 hours of training, including styling techniques, he said.”

As far as I’m concerned even that is too much. I mean does one really need 40 hours to know the basics of sanitation, decontamination and infection control? That could easily be done in 4-5 hours. The scariest part is that some government person was able to make this requirement in the fist place! Talk government screwing the little guy/gal!

I agree.