My wish for Biden's first state of the union

Yes he was.

A persuasive response.

Yep, I happily ate crow on the Trump race.

They aren’t taking the Senate. Relax. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not persuading, I am correcting. You already know it’s true.

Remains to be seen.

I predicted you would keep the WH. I was wrong.

I’m predicting you’ll keep the Senate. Remains to be seen.

Still a better prognosticator than Morris. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never had the White House. My guy got gelded in the primaries.

Your guy left his manhood at the altar of Trumpism.

You’ll keep the Senate will your same gelding.

You made the assertion. Defend it.

Yes he did. And I won’t vote for him again because of it. Even for Senator.

Remains to be seen.

I made the correction. Admit it.

The word you want is “gibberish.”


Of course it makes no difference, your nation will reward him with endless cushy terms.

Well that’s an adult post.


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It makes a difference to me.

Yes, I know.

Your gelding will join the rest of the party and secure a slim majority in the Senate, more than enough to obstruct anything you fear.

Relax. :slight_smile:

And . . . nailed it.

We’ll know in January.